Custom 11x14" Watercolor Couple's Portrait

Hand painted with watercolor, this portrait is created on high quality watercolor paper using real gemstone and mineral based watercolor paints. Measures 11x14 inches and comes complete with mat board and backing. You can choose either to have a full-color background or a white background. 

Full Color Background: $60

White/Blank Background: $45

Custom 11x14" Watercolor Family Portrait

The finished size is 11x14 inches and comes complete with mat-board and backing. This personalized portrait has been a huge hit with all Julia’s Watercolors patrons.  Portrait accommodates up to 8 people. Contact Julia's Watercolors if a portrait containing more than 8 persons is needed

White/Blank Background: $50

Full Color Background: $70

Custom 5x7" Watercolor  Portrait

This hand painted 5x7 inch portrait is completed with a back matboard for added stability.  It's the perfect size for a table top frame.

White/Blank Background: $35

Full Color Background: $45

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