How To Start Customizing

Step 1

First, visit the "Custom Portraits" page and select which custom portrait you want - sizing, style & background

Step 2

Second, click the "Start Customizing" button.  This button will take you to a page where you can fill out and submit the form, and then attach the picture which is to be customized to an email to Julia's Watercolors.  

Step 3

Send email!  Once email is sent, Julia's Watercolors will respond once custom order form is received and work through final details or questions.  

Step 4

Once all details are finalized, an invoice will be sent to you via PayPal Business.  Once payment is complete, work begins on your custom portrait!

Step 5

Upon completion of the watercolor portrait, an email notification will be sent confirming the completion and giving you the opportunity to review the portrait before it is mailed.  Only one minor change can be made for free.  For more than one minor change, or for a major change, additional costs may be added.  

Step 6

The sixth and final step is where your custom portrait is packaged up and mailed to you!  Yay!!!!!! Be prepared for some serious happy mail!

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